A little bit about me

I’m from Upstate New York, however I’ve previously lived in Colorado, and also just a hop-skip away from the Canadian border for a time. Although I sometimes find it terrifying, I love visiting new places and experiencing different cultures. I love our planet and believe in learning to coexist harmoniously with the nature around us. The ocean is my happy place, and I especially love visiting Cape Cod with my family every year. I like to write, dance, and a good slice of pizza from time to time is always nice.

I’m all about the good vibes. I’m an artsy gal, and I believe that we should always be creating, and always dancing. Celebrating our cultures is so important – it’s what brings us together. All of this constitutes my being as I strive for positive community development.

This jumble of thoughts is a little bit about me.


Published by

Rachel Vincent

Mermaid. Yogi. Pizza Addict. Stay Rad!

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