Take a moment

A few days ago, swamped with a billion things to do, I looked out the window and took notice at how beautiful it was outside. I realized that there wouldn’t be many more sunny days like this for a long time soon. For, winter is on its way, and this nice weather will cease until spring.

I decided to go outside and enjoy the day while it was here. I had so much to get done, but it could wait, I was overwhelmed with stress anyway and needed a break. All winter long we wait for the hot summer days filled with sunshine. Then the whisper of autumn comes along and all we want is to be cozy. We forget those summer days and nights that we live for.

I stepped outside and took a breath of fresh air. I let the breath out with a sigh of gratitude and closed my eyes as the light breeze carried me away. I took off my socks and wiggled my does in the soft, green grass and clover leaves. Have you ever taken notice to how lovely a feeling that is – to feel free and yet connected with the earth? I find absolute peace in nature. It’s an escape from the chaotic man-made world we have created and a return to our roots. The feeling of the warm sun on my back made me smile as I looked up to the sky. It’s absolutely beautiful – with the ever-changing colors and swirls of clouds; I could be lost for days staring into the vast space.

Take notice of the little things. The things we take for granted. The nature from which we were born and which keeps us alive. Before the stresses of your life reach their limit, step outside and take a second to breakaway. Take the time to breathe the world in. Notice the colors, the sounds, and the feelings. Be thankful these moments, for each one is unique as the world is constantly changing.


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