Catching-up and finding balance

Well, it’s been a few months since this domain has seen a blog post, and today I felt like clearing some of the cobwebs..

It’s been a busy past few months, and writing here has honestly just been pushed to the back burner. The whole month of November was spent studying for the LSAT and completing applications for school. December was consumed by my trip to Italy and with the holidays, and all the while in-between I’ve been working non-stop as a barista.

Though I’m trying to get away from scrolling and sitting in front of screens, I managed to keep up on some social media some – earlier this month I finished bringing my InstagramΒ followers and Facebook friends on a day-by-day photo adventure of my Italy trip. It truly was an amazing experience that I never thought I’d have. So much oldness, coldness, and awe inspiring sights.

But lately, and not just for the new year, I have been working on making some changes in my life to become, healthier, happier, stronger, and all around a better version of myself. I suppose you could say I started all of this on myΒ new year, on my birthday early November. The stress of work, applying to school/LSAT, travel, and the holidays made it hard for me to find balance. Keeping up with anything extra just seemed to make more stress. I’m learning and working on how to balance my life and still have time for the things I enjoy. For a while I’ve been someone that puts too much on my plate – there are so many things I enjoy, or feel I need to do but in reality I find myself more stressed than ever once I pile on the list of activities.

One thing that took up more of my plate than I would have liked was work. As a barista work is stressful, and in any job there is such a thing as too much work. I have always worked my scheduled time a week and covered any and all shifts of others. Sometimes I feel like all I do anymore is work and sleep and have no social life. Now I’m going to work on backing off a bit, working as scheduled, so that I can focus on my goals – trying to find that work/life balance. Commitment to work is good, and we all need that money, but it’s important to check in with the other areas of your life and make sure work isn’t consuming too much time.

I’m also working on leading an all-around healthier lifestyle. I’ve realized that my diet all along has been basically vegetarian/pescatarian (with some meat on occasion). So, I’m going to eat like a true pescatarian and make better choices keeping in mind the nutrients am getting/ not getting and making changes to my diet as needed. I also want to try to eat as few simple sugars as possible – just eliminating a lot of that processed, addictive junk-food. As far as fitness is concerned, I’ve done yoga and pilates in the past but now I’m getting back into the practice; and more so than ever before! I’m doing yoga almost everyday now and I’ve never felt better (it helps with stress management so much too). When spring rolls around the corner I plan to get my running shoes on!

Stay positive friends! And check in with yourself from time to time and make sure you’re living a balanced and positive life.



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Rachel Vincent

Mermaid. Yogi. Pizza Addict. Stay Rad!

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