Life happens so fast. Although we all seem to be just pieces of the chaos; and life is sometimes cruel to us, we are all resilient beings in this beautiful life. We must learn to see the beauty amidst the adversity and grow.

Beautiful Places

Close your eyes and imagine the places that give you warmth and comfort of the soul. Where does this bring you? There are so many beautiful places in this world to see and experience. I’ve encountered the calming effect of the ocean along the coasts, and experienced the soothing tranquility in the mountains of the United States. Water and mountains – those are some of my places. Beauty does exist amongst the chaos in this world.

Good Vibes

I live for the good vibes. As elementary as it sounds, play nice with others. Be True. Stay optimistic. And it’s not always easy, but keeping a positive mindset is enlightening and inspires hope. It fuels the motivation behind your most wild dreams. Here, I plan to blog about my adventures on the path to positivity, share my thoughts, and collect links to anything supporting a positive mindset on the web. By sharing my own experiences, I hope to guide others to a positive way of life. Life happens too fast for us to be constantly troubled.


Stay Rad!