Graffiti: urban tales

Graffiti – art or vandalism? A little bit of both? Graffiti is a commonly known form of street art that covers the Earthโ€™s urban jungles. See it on the streets of New York to Los Angeles in the US; Europe, Asia โ€“ itโ€™s literally everywhere. It is at first sometimes despised, as it seemingly defaces the structure for which it sits. Looking beyond this, graffiti is fascinating in its appeal to the culture of the area to which it resides.

Graffiti is scattered across the world in various forms: murals, along busy highways, and interrupting words on signs for example. To those with an open mind graffiti is a public form of expression. Admitting, the street art is sometimes obscene, this shows the rebellious nature within humanity in an unsettled society. The frenzied, awry placement is what makes graffiti beautiful. It decorates the otherwise plain Jane structures. The colors included (or not included) create a sense of the vibrancy within their neighborhoodโ€™s culture. Graffiti can define a community.

Itโ€™s a personโ€™s personal mark on society. Itโ€™s a freedom of speech. It leaves a message behind to others who come across it. Sometimes itโ€™s angst and other times itโ€™s an explosion of hope, euphoria or sadness. The cave paintings of prehistory may be considered graffiti. The paintings and etchings on our own walls give hints at our own story that someone years from now will come to discover. Next time you look upon graffiti ask yourself: what do you see?