Show up to life everyday

It’s Wednesday, the middle of the work week and you just don’t care anymore. Or it’s Monday – the rest of the world is groaning so why bother putting in an effort. Maybe you just worked 13 days straight on your feet and finally, it’s a random Thursday you have off and you’re going to do nothing.

All of us have a blah day now and then, call it a “lazy day”. It’s a day to recharge your batteries. But are you really getting the most of it from lying around? When I’m working for days on end with no sleep all I long for on my next day off is sleep, relaxation, and recovery.. until next time. But when I get there and I do just that (nothing), I find myself even more depressed by the time I have to go back to the ol’ grind. Maybe it’s that I didn’t get enoughΒ rest. But week after week of this cycle of nothing but work/rest/work/rest I find myself more exhausted and admittedly more depressed than ever.

It’s important to take advantage of the free time you have and if you don’t like your job, do the things that make you happy during this time. Remember when you used to love painting? Buy some paints and start back at it! But what about the money, you say? It’s money well spent. If you can’t spend at least some of your earnings on something you love to do without remorse, then why bother working so hard? Get out and hike, read a good book. Do the things that inspire you. Do the things that nurture your soul and inspire the growth of your spirit.

Another point I want to make is to get up EVERY DAY. Every. single. day. Okay, take a break and sleep in now and again, but for the most part make a routine. Sleeping in everyday, bumming around the house in pjs everyday was the epitome of a school holiday for me in high school. And that’s all fine and dandy. But now, days spent like that feel like such a waste. As I grow older time seems to fly by faster and faster everyday, and I’m only 24! Waking up at noon is so depressing. Half the day is gone!

Make a routine for yourself to follow (at least loosely) everyday. Say you wake up at 6am, on average everyday for work. On your days off decide to be getting out of bed by 8am. make a nice breakfast, go for a run, read, or do whatever will wake your mind up with ease and minimal stress. Take a shower, and get dressed. Always get dressed. Do what you have to do to be you every single day. Be ready for anything the day may throw at you. You may even be more inspired to take another step towards a goal, or finish another piece of that project.

If you’re anything like me and an ever-changing, inconsistent work schedule seems to control your life, don’t let it. I feel like this is one of the hardest obstacles in my lifeΒ to work around to curb anxiety and stress and take back control in my life. We all have to work to live, but not the other way around. I try to wake up by 9am everyday and get to bed around 11pm. Finding a consistent sleep schedule is the key to finding your energy.

And even if it is just another work day and the monotony has set in, still show up. When you wake up all you may see through your blinders is the light at the end of the tunnel; that next day off. Perhaps try a different approach. It’s always hard, especially if you’re waking up before the sun, but try thinking about it differently. Put in the effort to look your best and have the confidence that maybe something good will happen today, despite your impending doom.

So don’t forget to wake up everyday. Get dressed. Look good and feel good. Life will be brighter and motivation will follow. I promise.